Weeds are Awesome- Check out their Nutritional Value

One handy chart to have when you need to convince others that lots of weeds are actually edible and highly nutritious (Thanks Joybilee Farm for sharing):


I love my weeds regardless of their nutritional value though…free greens in the Spring and Fall (and sometimes summer if it doesn’t get too hot)…YES, PLEASE!! Check out this huge bowl I picked the other day for dinner (cleaver tips, dandelion greens and nettles):

Nevermind that it cooked down to just 2 cups of tasty greens

New Product in My Etsy Shop


I just added a new product to my Etsy shop “At Home Facial Kit”. This kit was inspired by a class I taught in the Fall.  During the class, I taught the students  how to make the Oat/Clay Scrub and the Lavender Lotion (I had already made the Queen of Hungary Water since the herbs have to steep for at least 4 weeks). Once all the products were made, we gave each other a facial. We started with a honey mask, followed by the Oat/Clay scrub, the Queen of Hungary Water, and finished with the lotion.  By the end, everyone’s face felt smooth, clean and moisturized. I really enjoyed that class and wanted to recreate the experience for everyone. So, this kit came together. The only difference is that I omitted the honey, which you can get anywhere, and I added a random soap sample just for fun.


The kit comes in a lace/vintage bag and with the instructions on how to use all the products.   I did not include the instructions for the honey, because you only need to use it about once a week…while the contents of the kit can be used every day to take care of your skin.  All the products in the kit work for all skin types. I, friends and class attendees have used this kit to clear our skin of acne and problem spots.

If you want to add the honey to your routine once a week, here are the instructions:

  • Tie your hair up in a pony tail and/or use a head band to keep your forehead clear of hair (otherwise honey will get allover it).
  • Place a drop of honey on your fingers and spread it allover your face (get more honey if needed)
  • Let it sit on your skin for about 5 minutes
  • Wash it off with warm water (it comes off much more easily than you think)
  • Proceed with the Oat/Clay Scrub

Rambling Creations’ Weekend in Pictures

Here is an overview in pictures of our weekend at two markets:

  • Our set-up on Saturday at MDO

A few things I/we learned:

  • The amount of visitors doesn’t not, always, determine the number of sales
  • Festivals at schools are not the right place for us
  • It is always easier and more natural than I thought to talk to strangers about my products
  • It is okay to leave early
  • This business is a continual journey of learning
  • I am grateful for it all

One of My Favorite Quotes

I read this quote on a friend’s FB page yesterday morning and it instantly resonated with me. I haven’t fully reached that time in my life where I walk away from the drama  or surround myself solely by people that make me happy but it is something I aspire to every day.

quote living with moon
Picture taken by my husband at Death Valley in 2014.