Rambling Creations’ Weekend in Pictures

Here is an overview in pictures of our weekend at two markets:

  • Our set-up on Saturday at MDO

A few things I/we learned:

  • The amount of visitors doesn’t not, always, determine the number of sales
  • Festivals at schools are not the right place for us
  • It is always easier and more natural than I thought to talk to strangers about my products
  • It is okay to leave early
  • This business is a continual journey of learning
  • I am grateful for it all

One of My Favorite Quotes

I read this quote on a friend’s FB page yesterday morning and it instantly resonated with me. I haven’t fully reached that time in my life where I walk away from the drama  or surround myself solely by people that make me happy but it is something I aspire to every day.

quote living with moon
Picture taken by my husband at Death Valley in 2014. 

New Soaps- Spring Collection

About a month ago, I had the idea of creating a “Spring Collection” for my soap. So, I researched some scent combinations and natural color options. I came up with four soaps (I have made three of them so far). I picked colors that remind me of the spring such as green (leaves coming out), dark orange (tree bark and buds), tan (the earth) and red (first flowers of the season). In my mind they come together like in a painting representing a Spring morning (note to self: paint what I imagine). Furthermore each soap has a special characteristic.

Green Swirly Soap- this is colored with Parsley powder and scented with Lavender, Rosemary and Juniper Berry essential oils. I add parsley powder to the soap at two different times to get different greens and swirled them together.


Honeycomb Soap- the natural tan color comes from the honey and the ground oatmeal. I left it unscented. I used bubble wrap to create the honeycomb design while the soap was cooling.


All About Shapes Dark Orange Soap- The dark orange color comes from orange peels. I scented it with Cinnamon and Lavender essential oils. I used different molds such as milk cartons and coffee cans as molds and also cut up some older soap to create some designs in the square bars.


Red Soap- not made yet

This line will be available for sale through Local Roots (if you live in Atlanta, get the app (available the 1st week in March), Ill deliver the soap to your house :) ) and my Etsy shop.  It will be release Mid-March.


An Awesome Weekend Spent Outside Learning

Our set up (mine is the one on the right)

This past week and weekend I attended the Florida Earthskills Gathering.  I had an awesome time learning, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, dancing, singing, walking, camping, etc. There are not enough words to describe how much I like going to these gatherings, they always make me feel like I am at home among people that share similar interests and lifestyles.

This time I learned a variety of hand skills such as Naalbinding. It is an ancient technique for making socks, mittens, etc that predates crochet and knitting. It originated in Scandinavia. The beginning can be a bit confusing, but I found it pretty easy to catch on. I also took a class on finger weaving, which for some reason was harder for me to catch on  but I do want to try it again at some point.


I also learned to make a rug with cloth and a toothbrush needle. This is really easy and quick to make. It does use a lot of cloth but I have enough old clothes/fabric, I think, that I can use. I am also going to make one with the plastic bags I have to take with me to future classes (to keep my butt dry).


I went on two herb walks and they were both great and entertaining. The first walk was with Green Dean , which, if you live in Florida, I would highly recommend you check him out. He does a lot of walks throughout the state.  On the last day, I went on a walk with Doug Elliott. It was highly informative and entertaining; not only did he teach us about a variety of plants but he also sang songs and told stories. I also highly recommend taking his classes and checking out his books. Plus, I saw my first bald eagle so that was awesome!

I also took a class on fermented foods. Even though I have been fermenting a variety of foods and learning as I go, I wanted to take an actual class with someone. So, I took Marissa Percoco’s class and it was awesome! One of her mentors is Sandor Katz.  We got to try 19 different fermented foods, including cocoa nibs and bamboo.  The class gave me tons of ideas on what to make next, the sky really is the limit. So, I am looking forward to many new fermented creations. I highly recommend taking her class if you can.

Some other cool things that happened at this gathering:

  • I got a massage
  • I sold a bunch of my stuff in the Ancestor tent
  • I met new people and got to hang out with friends I only see at the gatherings
  • I got to know the First Aid folks quite well. I had hurt my finger prior to the gathering and they took great care of it and me. One of the herbalists there was the Herbalista, which if you live in Atlanta I would check out.
  • I probably walked several miles a day from and to camp, up and down hill
  • Stewart and I took a Contra Dance class on the last night and it was so much fun! I don’t think I have ever been so dizzy! It was lead by Michael Ismerio and a local band played.
  • I got to spend 5 whole days outside which was awesome and very much needed

I am looking forward to the next gathering.

1st rug finished. We are using it as a bathroom rug.