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Make Your Own Rosemary Water

I have been working on a couple of new face cream recipes using infused apricot oil with herbs/flowers from my garden. I thought the lotions would be even more nourishing if I used my own herb/flower waters instead of the rosewater I usually buy So, this morning I gathered a bunch of fresh rosemary from the garden and made rosemary water. It was so easy that I want to share what I did with you so you can make it. You can also use other herbs or flowers but just about anyone has rosemary growing by them.

Rosemary is rich in antioxidants that nourish the skin and help prevent premature aging (such as droopiness and age spots). It has antiseptic and astringent properties making it a natural face cleanser and toner. Rosemary essential oil is used in shampoos to promote hair growth.

You can use your rosemary water as a face toner or body mist. You can also use it in cream recipes instead of distilled water.

  1. Gather about 6 handfuls of fresh rosemary. I left the rosemary leaves on the stems.
  2. Get your biggest stainless steel or glass pot and place a medium glass bowl in it (I used a round Pyrex dish). Place the rosemary around the bowl and cover it with distilled water (just enough water to cover the rosemary).

    Ice covering the lid.
  3. Place the lid upside down on top of the pot and fill it with ice (I used a glass lid since that’s the lid that fit the tightest) . Turn the stove on low heat and let it come to a simmer (don’t let it boil). Once the ice has melted (it took about 20 minutes), I removed it and added more ice.

    Steam rich in essential oils from the rosemary rises to the lid, condenses and drips into your glass bowl. Do you see the drops?
  4. I changed the ice twice and then I turned the stove off and let the rosemary water cool inside the pot before taking it out.

    You can see the rosemary water in the glass bowl.
  5. Once your rosemary water has cooled pour it into a glass jar and keep it in a cool place. It will keep for 6+ months.

    About to pour the rosemary water in an amber bottle.

What do you plan to make with your rosemary water?

The September Scented Soap is Here

*This month’s scented soap is now available on etsy*

Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, coconut, sustainable palm, and Shea butter; red Brazilian clay, turmeric powder, lavender, lemon, rosemary, sage, cassia and peppermint essential oils.

For this soap, I used the hot process method where I cook the oils and lye/water mixture together for about an hour. Once the soap is cooked, I add essential oils and/or herb powders or clay to color the soap. The soap then sits in the mold for 24 hours. Then, in theory, it is ready to use since the cooking process takes the place of the regular 4-6 week curing of cold process soaps.  However, I tend to let my hot process soaps cure for at least 2 weeks before putting it on Etsy otherwise it tends to get gooey/ ‘melt’ in the shower.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, coconut, sustainable palm, and Shea butter; red Brazilian clay, turmeric powder, lavender, lemon, rosemary, sage, cassia and peppermint essential oils.

For this soap, I used red Brazilian clay and turmeric powder to add splashes of color. It is scented with a homemade blend of lavender, lemon, rosemary, sage, cassia and peppermint essential oils.


Change is upon Rambling Creations

20160802_141220While traveling over the summer, I have had a lot of time to think about what I want to do with different aspects of my business. Here is the main change:

1/ All of my soaps will be unscented. I am moving my focus to creating beautiful bars of soaps for babies and people with sensitive skins or who are sensitive to scents.  Since having a baby we have only been using my unscented soap as I don’t want his skin to react to any scent.


*Look for new soaps at the end of September*

New Soaps to Come

Over the last two weeks, I have been busy making soap- 4 new ones and more liquid soap. My plan was to make all the soap I wanted to make before the baby arrives. It took some planning as I had to design all the recipes (scents are always hardest for me to pick, any suggestions?) and make sure I had enough time between cooking the soap, curing it and posting it on Etsy.  In the end it all worked out, I even had time to pre-write all the Etsy listings and take pictures. All I have to do now is click “Publish” and share on social media.

Making all the soaps was a lot of fun as I got to play with new and old techniques of soapmaking. I look forward to using those techniques again and let my imagination create new soaps to share with you.

Here are the soaps:

*UPDATE as of June 2016, the coffee soap, the lavender/patchouli, and the marble clay bar of soaps have been sold out*

Coffee Soap made with ground coffee, ginger, clove and cinnamon powder. The ground coffee adds exfoliating properties to the soap. Perfect for the coffee lover!
Lavender and Patchouli rebatched soap. I melted all the random pieces of soap I have gathered over the last few months with some rose water and purple clay. I then added some lavender flowers as well as lavender and patchouli essential oils.
The marbled clay bar of soap reminds me so much of a fire…the different colors remind me of flames twirling around in the wind. I used red Brazilian clay and turmeric for the coloring. I scented the soap with clove, geranium, juniper berry and patchouli essential oils.
The Valentine’s day bar of soap was so fun to make as I got to play with soap frosting for the first time (the possibilities are endless!). I used the cold process method to make this soap (it had been a while since I had made a cold process soap but it brought back a lot of memories because that;s how I got started with soapmaking 8 years ago). I used purple clay to color the soap and red clay for the inner heart. I scented the soap with lavender, clary sage and bergamot essen