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I have been following Mollie from for almost 2 years. She has a lot of cute embroidery patterns as well as a lot of tutorials (which have come in handy-especially the face one).  She just released her Autumn Stitching Club and I decided to join in since I have not embroidered in a while and wanted to get back into it.

At the same time I am learning about paper piecing to make hexagons…I have been wanting to make this quilt: . So I Figured I could do both, embroider and make an hexagon quilt…until I started making hexagons and realized all the steps that are involved in making just one hexagon! So maybe I wont make a whole quilt, maybe just a pillow like Mollie suggests or a wall hanging…who knows, so many possibilities…Ill just have to see where my creativity takes me 🙂

Here is what I have so far after working on it yesterday and a little bit this morning:


Freeing the muse

I listened to an interview with Shiloh Sophia McCloud and Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici  today. I was inspired to try out one of her ideas to stimulate the right brain (the muse). I closed my eyes and asked for 10 words to come through me. I wrote them down as they came to my mind. Here is the list in order of ‘appearance’: strawberry, banana, milkshake, Sake, Ruth, belly, fat, awesome, beautiful, enormous.

Then she recommends writing a poem with those words just to stimulate the right brain some more. She said “it wont be Facebook or fridge material” but I think it kinda is…it’s fun and entertaining to read. So here is mine (I wrote it without thinking/editing):

On an enormous banana
A strawberry laid flat
Ruth took a bite of her milkshake
And declared her belly was fat
But the Sake made her feel
Beautiful and awesome.

I definitely plan on doing this exercise more often, maybe even once a day…it only takes a couple of minutes.

…and a random picture I created yesterday as part of a doodling ‘session’ with a four year old.



A friend got some raw wool from a friend of his. I washed it, let it air dry, carded it, spun it on my Dodec Spinning Wheel, used a Lazy Kate to make a skein, and washed the skeins to set the twist. Now onto knitting! Hopefully I can make a hat and a pair of mittens to give to my friend and his to say thanks. The process was a lot of fun, can’t wait to find some more raw wool…in the meantime local roving will have to do 😉