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Luscious Body Lotion Recipe

Today I am sharing with you the lotion recipe I make for my shop.  I have adapted Rosemary Gladstar’s Famous Face Cream recipe to make it my own.


This recipe makes about 2 cups of cream.



1/3 cup coconut oil

1/2oz beeswax

½ cup apricot oil

¼ cup grapeseed oil


½ cup aloe vera gel

¼ cup distilled water

¼ rose hydrosol

8-10 drops of lavender essential oil


2 glass measuring cups, Immersion Blender, spatula, Bain-Marie set- up, containers for the lotion (glass is always better).

How to:

  1. Gather all of your materials

  2. Weigh out your oils in one of the glass measuring cups. Start with the liquid oils first (apricot and grapeseed), then the coconut oil.

  3. Weigh out the beeswax and add it to the measuring cup.

  4. Pour the content into a your bain-marie set-up. Melt the oils slowly on low.

  5. Once the oils have melted, remove them from the heat. Retransfer the liquid oils to the measuring cup. Let them cool until they form a creamy white texture (it can take between 1 and 8 hours).

  6. Once the oils have cooled and thickened, measure out the “water” ingredients into your remaining glass measuring cup.

  7. Using the  immersion blender:

    • Leave the oils in the glass measuring cup and add your essential oils. Using a spatula stir the mixture, if the scent is too faint add 1-2 more drops.

    • Start mixing the oils on low with the immersion blender as you slowly add the “water” ingredients.

    • About halfway through adding the “water” ingredients, increase the speed to high

    • Continue mixing until the immersion blender starts to choke/makes a different sound and the lotion looks like white whipped cream

    • Pour into containers

Cleaning tips:

  • Whatever amount of cream that is left in the blender/immersion blender, spatula, and measuring cup can be used to apply allover your body/share with others. My measuring cup sometimes stays out with leftover cream for a week so every day I take some from it for my face/body.

  • Use a paper towel to wipe the cream off the immersion blender.

  • The cream has a shelf-life of at least a year

  • If your lids come with paper inserts remove them, otherwise mold will grow on the cream

  • No need to refrigerate

Let me know if you have any questions.

If you are not a DIY person, you can purchase my cream right here.

Holiday Crafting

Here are a few things I have been working on these past few days. Somehow it got to be the week before Christmas and I realized that I barely had any gifts put together but I knew what I wanted to make/get for most people. So, it all came together pretty quickly. I still need to make a pouch for my sister and maybe a few more pot holders but other than that I am done. Here are a few pictures:

A small quilt for Anais.

Marshmallows for the bonfire we are having Christmas Eve. Recipe from Three Lily Farm.

Pot holders for various people (I have made 4 so far) with English Paper Piecing Flowers.

My mom’s pottery

Here is a tour in pictures of my mom’s most recent creations:

Hand- built salt holders. They come with a small spoon and some sea salt.

Here is a side view. The one on the right is now glazed with white and red.

 Vases with Christmas bouquets



Various flower pots built using the hand-building technique

Busy in the kitchen with food and beauty products

It is only Wednesday and I am amazed at the number of things I have already made this week (I am not always this productive)! Here is a tour in pictures:


Queen of Hungary Water with flowers, herbs, and apple cider vinegar-ready in 1 month


Bacon curing in the fridge; recipe by Nourished Kitchen-ready Saturday


Green Soap colored with Parsley. I am also making a lavender soap this morning.


Vanilla oil- cut up vanilla beans with fractionated coconut oil


Sauerkraut made with leek and cabbage. Recipe from the last issue of Taproot Magazine