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Where I Buy My Soapmaking Supplies

I thought it was time for me to share where I buy my oils, essential oils, and other soap supplies.



I buy all of my oils from this website for several reasons:

  1. They sell both small and large quantities of oils which is great for me since I use some oils a lot and others once in a while (I recently bought 50 lbs of coconut oil and 35 lbs of olive oil).
  2. They sell Palm Oil that was harvested in a sustainable manner
  3. They mention which oils are food grade and cosmetic grade
  4. They sell a wide variety of oils
  5. They ship fast
  6. They sell oils that are organic


I get all of my essential oils from dōTERRA since their quality is superior to other oils on the market. I recently bought some Lemongrass essential oil from them and compared it to a Lemongrass essential oil I had bought at a store. The one from the store smelled synthetic and overpowering, while the one from dōTERRA smelled fresh and subtle. If you want to learn more about dōTERRA, go here.


  • I buy lye from The Lye Guy. I have always bought from him. I like that I get 1 free bottle if I buy 6 bottles of lye. That amount usually lasts me for about 1 year. Shipping is fast too.
  • I recently bought my soap mold from Bramble Berry. I like it except that it is sometimes hard to take the soap out. However, it is easy to clean and I love that my bars are all the same size.
  • I use herbs or food powders to scent and color my soaps but also to add skin nutrients (by steeping herbs in olive oil for several weeks). I find those either in my yard, at the Health Food Store or online at Mountain Rose Herbs .

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