Dehydrated Muscadines + Ginger Beer


On Monday, we went and picked 2 1/2 gallons of muscadines at Weaver Berryland Farm located south of Atlanta. Every summer I drive down a few times to pick the variety of fruits they grow. The season starts with blueberries and blackberries, then figs, and finally muscadines. They also grow tomatoes, squash, okra and beans that they sell. We have also gotten pecans from them in the past.

Dried Muscadines

While picking, I saw that some had dehydrated on the plant. I picked a few and fell in love with the flavor. So when we got home, I decided to dry some of them to recreate that better-than-raisins taste. And, guess what? it worked! Not only did they feel the house with a honey smell while drying but they also taste just like honey. I am so excited that I found a way to preserve them that we both enjoy.

Here is what we did:

  • cut  muscadines in half and lay them on a tray (without the teflex sheet)
  • Set the dehydrator to 145F for 12 hours or until they fell plump like raisins
  • Let them cool and put them in glass containers. I am keeping mine out of the fridge since I think that enough moisture came out and they won’t mildew.

Ginger Beer on the left and root beer on the right (before I mix it with Jun)

One of the local farms has been selling ginger for the past month and every week I stock up on ginger. It is so good fresh! Since I have had an abundance of ginger, I started a Ginger Bug in order to make Ginger Beer (recipe from Wild Fermentation by Katz) and Root Beer. The last time I made Ginger Beer people were raving about it so I decided to make it again. This is the second time this month that I make a batch of Root Beer since it is pretty tasty. However, it taste a bit too concentrated by itself. So, I usually  mix a glass bottle with half Root Beer and half Jun and let it ferment for at least a day.  This way it is much more enjoyable and really tasty!

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