First soaps of 2017

A couple of weeks ago, I made my first two batches of soap for 2017. Since then I have been coming up with other great soap ideas that I cannot wait to make.

Unscented heart soap
Hot process unscented soap with pink embeds and hearts.

All of my soaps this year will be unscented so that everyone can use them: from baby to adult, and for people with normal and sensitive skin. I will continue using a blend of nourishing oils, plants, clay, teas, and vegetable purees to make and color the soap. Using plants, clay, teas and purees  adds skin nourishing properties as well as vitamins and minerals .

Activated Charcoal Soap
Cold process unscented activated charcoal soap with rose clay inserts.

My goal this year is to go out in my yard and forage wild greens and flowers to infuse the olive oil I use so that the soaps have even more skin benefits and nutrients.

What is your skin nourishing goal this year?

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