Hearts Everywhere- from Soap to Sewing

I am not into decorating for the seasons except a little for Christmas (Christmas lights with ornaments hanging from them and a wreath on the door). But this year with my body care business and my sewing classes, I jumped the wagon and incorporated hearts in a few places.

It started with these pink hearts:


I fell in love with their pink color. I used French Red Clay (Australian Red Clay is known to give a deep red color, I can’t wait to try it) to get that pink. It was my first time using clay to color my soap and I liked it, the color seems more soft and subtle.

My favorite thing about playing with different natural coloring mediums is that the final color of the soap is not always determined by the original color but by its chemical reaction with lye and/or oils. (I always make an 8oz batch of soap when trying new coloring mediums). I am looking forward to playing with a variety of clay to color my soap in the future.

I decided to embed the hearts into a bigger piece of soap and loved the way they turned out.


In my sewing classes, my students have been making mini heart quilts. They all turned out super cute and the students enjoyed making them. They will also be hand sewing some smaller hearts to add to their pencil case.




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