New Soaps- Spring Collection

About a month ago, I had the idea of creating a “Spring Collection” for my soap. So, I researched some scent combinations and natural color options. I came up with four soaps (I have made three of them so far). I picked colors that remind me of the spring such as green (leaves coming out), dark orange (tree bark and buds), tan (the earth) and red (first flowers of the season). In my mind they come together like in a painting representing a Spring morning (note to self: paint what I imagine). Furthermore each soap has a special characteristic.

Green Swirly Soap- this is colored with Parsley powder and scented with Lavender, Rosemary and Juniper Berry essential oils. I add parsley powder to the soap at two different times to get different greens and swirled them together.


Honeycomb Soap- the natural tan color comes from the honey and the ground oatmeal. I left it unscented. I used bubble wrap to create the honeycomb design while the soap was cooling.


All About Shapes Dark Orange Soap- The dark orange color comes from orange peels. I scented it with Cinnamon and Lavender essential oils. I used different molds such as milk cartons and coffee cans as molds and also cut up some older soap to create some designs in the square bars.


Red Soap- not made yet

This line will be available for sale through Local Roots (if you live in Atlanta, get the app (available the 1st week in March), Ill deliver the soap to your house 🙂 ) and my Etsy shop.  It will be release Mid-March.


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