I have been following Mollie from for almost 2 years. She has a lot of cute embroidery patterns as well as a lot of tutorials (which have come in handy-especially the face one).  She just released her Autumn Stitching Club and I decided to join in since I have not embroidered in a while and wanted to get back into it.

At the same time I am learning about paper piecing to make hexagons…I have been wanting to make this quilt: . So I Figured I could do both, embroider and make an hexagon quilt…until I started making hexagons and realized all the steps that are involved in making just one hexagon! So maybe I wont make a whole quilt, maybe just a pillow like Mollie suggests or a wall hanging…who knows, so many possibilities…Ill just have to see where my creativity takes me 🙂

Here is what I have so far after working on it yesterday and a little bit this morning:


Freeing the muse

I listened to an interview with Shiloh Sophia McCloud and Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici  today. I was inspired to try out one of her ideas to stimulate the right brain (the muse). I closed my eyes and asked for 10 words to come through me. I wrote them down as they came to my mind. Here is the list in order of ‘appearance’: strawberry, banana, milkshake, Sake, Ruth, belly, fat, awesome, beautiful, enormous.

Then she recommends writing a poem with those words just to stimulate the right brain some more. She said “it wont be Facebook or fridge material” but I think it kinda is…it’s fun and entertaining to read. So here is mine (I wrote it without thinking/editing):

On an enormous banana
A strawberry laid flat
Ruth took a bite of her milkshake
And declared her belly was fat
But the Sake made her feel
Beautiful and awesome.

I definitely plan on doing this exercise more often, maybe even once a day…it only takes a couple of minutes.

…and a random picture I created yesterday as part of a doodling ‘session’ with a four year old.



A friend got some raw wool from a friend of his. I washed it, let it air dry, carded it, spun it on my Dodec Spinning Wheel, used a Lazy Kate to make a skein, and washed the skeins to set the twist. Now onto knitting! Hopefully I can make a hat and a pair of mittens to give to my friend and his to say thanks. The process was a lot of fun, can’t wait to find some more raw wool…in the meantime local roving will have to do 😉



I  found a recipe for a tea that would help with morning sickness (for a friend) and realized that 95% of the ingredients could be sourced from my backyard…until I looked at my peach tree and realized it was sick! So, I went on a walk, found a tree and picked some leaves. But I did gather raspberry leaves and mint from my yard. I dried the raspberry and peach tree leaves on the lowest heat in the dehydrator. While I hung the mint and let it dry for a week. The only ingredient missing is the ginger which I buy from a local farmer. The messiest part is to crunch up all the herbs before measuring them and placing them in a jar…I did some outside and some over a bowl.

I also hung up some stevia to dry since I have so much growing, I might try making stevia extract (following this recipe

I plan on harvesting more herbs from my yard, drying them and using them to make tea or herbal powders.

P8221329 P8201322

Ode to the seed

Working/volunteering on a farm makes me appreciate all the work that goes into having veggies to sell at the market as well as its price. From the time a tiny seed was purchased it goes through so many steps of growth and caring from the farmer(s)…its amazing! From planting (while kneeling or squatting), to weeding, watering, stacking/trellising (if needed), picking, reseeding (for succession or in case the seeds did not germinate), storing till market, preserving the seeds, washing, and … The seed, on the other end, with the help of the soil and moisture starts to germinate, grow roots, grow its first true leaves, its leaves, flowers, fruit, all the while being tended by the microorganisms in the soil, gathering energy from the sun and water from the rain (or the farmer). So many steps…for one little fruit, no wonder it tastes sooo amazing!

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