Pickled green onions

I have been checking this book, Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon,  on and off for about a year now. I have finally bought my copy this weekend! (bookstore gift cards are pretty awesome!) I just love all the fermented recipes she has. Since one of the farmers had green onions for sale I decided to buy two bunches and try to pickle them according to the Pickled Pearl Onion recipe (page 96). I found all the ingredients except for Juniper Berries and tarragon (I used rosemary from my garden instead). I thought I had bought plenty of onions but the recipe called for 2lbs, I had about a quarter of that! Still, I cut, peeled, and placed them in a jar with all the spices. I get to try them tonight…I can’t wait.

{a little something I wrote about them}

pickled onions1
Will they be sweet?
will they be sour?
Will they taste like the ones I gobbled down as a kid?
All these questions…only time will tell
It’s only 3 days waiting…
UPDATE: The onions are really tasty. They don’t taste at all like the onions I used to eat as a kid but they are yummy…I believe that the difference in taste is from the spices…the ones my mom used to buy were just plain vinegar. They are now in the fridge where they will keep for a while. I plan on adding onions to the brine to have a continuous supply of pickled onions.

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