I make unscented soaps and body products from scratch and in small batches. You can purchase them in my Etsy store and I if you live in Atlanta I sell at local markets. Here are the items that are currently  in stock:

Unscented Soaps:


Unscented Baby Soap with Chamomile & Ground Oats
Chamomille and oat soap for babies
Unscented chamomile and oat bar of soap that is gentle enough to use on babies and for people with sensitive skin.


Unscented Cucumber and Spirulina Bar of Soap
Unscented Soap made with cuccumber
Cucumbers contain vitamins that are nourishing to the skin, such as vitamin C, B1, B2, B3 and B5.


Liquid Soap:

Liquid Foaming Hand Soap
Liquid Foaming Soap
Liquid Foaming Hand Soap scented with your choice of essential oils or left unscented

Roller Bottle:

Natural Sleep Roller Bottle
Roller Bottle
The natural sleep roller bottle is made with a blend of essential oils diluted in fractionated coconut oil. The roller bottle makes it easy to apply anywhere on your body.


Creams for the face, body and lips:

Daytime Face Cream
Daytime face cream
The jojoba and rosemary hydrosol daytime face cream is so creamy, soft and does not feel oily. The grapefruit, ylang ylang and frankincense essential oils give the cream a refreshing and energizing smell.


Nighttime Face Cream
Nighttime Face Cream
This nighttime face cream is a little bit thicker than my rosemary hydrosol day cream. It is scented with lavender and is made using only pure ingredients.
Daytime and Nighttime Face Cream Combo
Daytime and nighttime face cream
Daytime and nighttime face cream combo is there to nourish your skin both during the day and at night.


Whipped Body Butter
Whipped Body Butter
The whipped moisturizing body butter is perfect to use on the whole body whether your skin is dry or you just shaved your legs.


0.50z Lip Balm
Large Lip Balms
The large lip balm stick will keep your lips moisturized and crack-free this fall and winter.
Beard  Oil
Beard Oil
The beard oil is made-to-order using a blend of fractionated coconut oil, almond oil and essential oils of your choice.


Product Bundles:

For Baby
Body products for baby
The unscented baby safe soap and whipped body butter come bundled in a sewn basket.
Cold weather
Cold Weather
The cold weather skin care bundle has everything you need to protect your skin from the cold and windy weather.

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