Who said food has to come from a grocery store?

Homemade mushroom stock answers that question. After volunteering for a few hours at Crack in the Sidewalk, I went home with a Black Staining Polypore mushroom, a few tomatoes, and micro-greens. I ate the tomatoes and greens


for lunch but placed the mushroom in the fridge… Chris suggested I make stock with it. So, today I gently rinsed the mushroom, cut it up (so it would fit in the pot), placed it in a slow cooker with onion skins, garlic and lovage (from my yard). All the ingredients came from a local farm.

Polypore banner 

I left it in the slow cooker for about 8 hours before straining it and pouring it into mason jars. The result is a dark brown stock with a hint of mushroom. I have used it to cook beans which gave them a good taste.

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