Wisteria Baskets

This past June, I learned how to weave baskets with Kudzu. Since then I have wanted to make another one but never found the opportunity…until I realized it was a friend’s birthday on Monday. Not having any Kudzu growing on my land, I decided to use wisteria instead (almost any vines can be used).

1376251442247I grabbed the clippers, walked down the hill through a patch of pokeweed, poison ivy, and ground ivy and spotted a mature wisteria vine. I cut about a 6′ section and climbed back up the hill. On the porch, I stripped the outer bark from the inner bark with my fingers and a knife. I then pulled the outer bark in different length and width strips…the more even the strips are the more even the weave. With the aid of a needle and Raffia (which comes from a palm tree in Africa), I held a bunch of wisteria sections and attached them together. At first, it was a bit akward because I was trying to remember what I had learned but I eventually let my muscles and my hands take over…an hour later I had made a small basket perfect for holding knick-knacks or a handmade bar of soap (which I included). I still have plenty of fibers to make another basket…I am thinking a bigger one to hold yarn I just spun.

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